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We have an extensive collection.  To help you find the right linen, we have set up a catalogue of swatches that you can order and review. When you're sure the quality is right for you, you can place an order with confidence. The collection fabric is made to order and has a 10-metre minimum production run.

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Achill Collection

This medium weight 215 Gm/2 145 - 150 cms collection has a Soft Laundered finish. Made with 3 colours warps; White, Natural and Black. Ideal for Jackets, pants and heavy military style shirting

Omey Collection

This new range has everything that makes linen the ideal lifestyle fabric. 185 g/m2.
Omey uses our yarn dyed weave to its best effect. The range has a wide choice of vibrant rich colours, and has a fully laundered finish, so it has that authentic, casual washed down feel, that makes linen more soft the more you use it!

Inishbara Collection

Inishbara is a medium weight 235 Gm/2 140 - 145 cms fabric with a Tumble Wash Finish. It has a very rustic appearance because of our special weave structure and Tumbled Finish. A big hit with designers

Inishbeg Collection

Plain weave 255 GM/2 145-150 cms , suitable for Jackets, coats, and  structured garments Finish Soft Laundered

Rainey Collection

Plain weave 140 GM/2 145-150 cms, suitable for light weight dresses, tops and shirting Finish Tumbel Wash with Tumble Dry

Rathlin Collection

24/24 Herring bone made from heavier counts of yarn 145-150 cms, Ideal for Sports Jackets and coats. Finish Soft Laundered

Lambay Collection

Lambay is a medium weight 200 gm/2 145-150 cms Soft Laundered finish. Heavier setting than our Tory range and can be available upon request. Uses Suiting, dresses pants

Taggart Collection

Plain Weave 220 GM/2 150 cms. Taggart is suitable for suits, jacket, coats , pants. Finish Tumble Wash Tumble Dry

Shilmore Collection

Shilmore is made from 50% Linen 50% Silk with a Tumble Wash finish. Fine Linen with a Raw Silk, the silk has neps which gives a rustic appearance Uses: Suiting, shirts , dresses

Tory Collection

This plain weave soft laundered fabric is the bedrock of our range. 165 g/m2 Tory is light and flowing. This fabric has been used in shirts, dresses, and children's wear.

Keel Collection

Keel is a plain weave 145 g/m2 fine yarn fabric. The fine yarn gives this fabric exceptional drape. Finished with a soft launder.

Turlin Collection

Turlin is a plain weave, pristine finish sanforized medium weight fabric 200 g/m2. It is ideal for suiting and designed in classic checks.

Irish Tartan Collection

The Irish Tartan collection is a design category. The fabric is our Tory quality. Plain weave soft laundered. 165 g/m2 Tory is light and flowing.

Blasket is a very versatile medium weight 4X4 Herringbone weave. It is 200g/m2, and 145-150 cm usable width.  It's used for a wide range of garments, including Jackets and casual tailoring.

Dunsy is a medium weight large format 24X24 Herringbone weave. It is 200g/m2, and 145-150 cm usable width. It's used for a wide range of garments, including Jackets and casual tailoring.