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Wexford Woven Irish Linen
Fitted Face Mask

Three Layered | Reversible | reusable

We weave our Irish Linen in Wexford, and work with our specialist partner in Portugal to assemble our masks.

Linen is the perfect fabric for face coverings. It is lightweight, hypoallergenic and wicking (transfers moisture to the outer layer, to keep you cool). Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics produced.

Our mask is available in two sizes and three reversible colour options.

Emblem Weavers Linen Mask

Features of Our Mask

The mask has three layers in accordance with the World Health Organisation's recommendations.

The mask can be worn reversible. You can decide which colour is face side after each wash. (Not to be reversed during use). .

The middle layer is a microfibre mesh, designed to defuse your breath, but still, allow for airflow away from your nose and mouth.
The nose adjuster bar will mould the mask around your nose, to reduce  eyewear condensation.

The 8mm wide elastic straps are designed to hold firm without pulling.

1: Nose bar, to help fit mask
around your nose. This prevents
eyewear fog.
2: Strong thick elastic
for low tentsion but firm hold
3: Three Layer Construction.
Linen body with micro-mesh
inner liner to defuse breath.

Using Your Linen Mask

The mask works best when air from your nose and mouth is defused and dried when passing through the fabric. Follow these fitting instructions for a comfortable fit. For best results, follow the best use practice advice from the World Health Organizaiton outlined in the short video below.

Hook bands behind ears and place mask over nose and mouth

Adjust mask so it fits under chin. Allow mask to cup around your nose and mouth.

Mould mask around nose bridge to ensure breath travels through linen.

Watch the WHO's advice on the safe use and care of a cloth mask.

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 40 degrees.
Flat dry. Medium heat iron.

We suggest that you do not dry outdoors.
Fabric dried outdoors can collect pollen, which can cause allergic reactions when worn close to your mouth and nose. Ensure your mask is dry as a damp mask can reduce functionality.